CD: Katarzyna Mycka - Marimba Dance

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CD / Katarzyna Myćka - Marimba Dance
Audite Schallplatten 1999
16 Stücke / Gesamtlaufzeit: 00:56:53

  • Keiko Abe / Tambourin Paraphrase
  • Matthias Schmitt / Sechs Miniaturen
  • Andrew Thomas / Merlin
  • Ney Rosauro / Preludio No. 1 e minor
  • Emmanuel Sejourne / Katamiya
  • Eckhard Kopetzki / Kaskada
  • Benjamin Wittiber / Rhythm Dance
  • John Thrower / Aurora borealis

Percussion: Franz Bach / Thomas C. Keltsch / Michael Schüller
Friedrich Mauermann
Aufgenommen Februar 1999 in Villa Berg Stuttgart SWR.

PERCUSSIVE NOTES Vol. 37, No. 6 • December 1999

Marimba Dance Katarzyna Mycka Marimba Dance features solo marimba music performed by Katarzyna Mycka. This is her second CD and contains many compositions written for and dedicated to her. The compositions are: “Tambourin Paraphrase” by Keiko Abe, “Sech Miniaturen” by Matthias Schmitt, “Merlin” by Andrew Thomas, “Preludio No. 1 e-minor,” and “Katamiya” by Emmanuel Sèjournè, “Kaskada” by Eckhard Kopetzki, “Rhythm Dance” by Benjamin Wittiber and “Aurora Borealis” by John Thrower. “Tambourin Paraphrase,” “Merlin” and “Prelude No. 1,” are standard pieces for marimba artists and can be heard on many recitals; the other compositions were written for Mycka and offer new literature for the marimba. “Sechs Miniaturen” is a seven-movement work offering a wide variety of sounds and moods. “Katamiya” is a short work based on a melody theme accompanied by a pulsating rhythm. “Kaskada” is a programatic composition based on the collection of water, which begins to flow more rapidly until it cascades over the waterfall and then settles into a smooth pool once again. “Rhythm Dance” depicts a rhythmic dancer. “Aurora Borealis” is in three movements and is based on the composer’s feeling about the Northern Lights. It also uses a percussion trio as accompaniment. Mycka is an excellent performer. Marimba Dance measures up to her first CD and in many ways surpasses it. It is superbly performed and has excellent recording sound. Each year, Mycka grows not only in age but in musical excellence. - John Beck