Katarzyna Mycka - Live in Zeitz 28.11.1998

This Marimba solo piece was dedicated to me by a wonderful vibraphone player Benjamin Wittiber. He wrote about it:

“When composing Rhythm Dance I had the image of an oriental dancer with a tambourine in mind, the shape could come from a tale from the Thousand and One Nights. "The introduction tells the beginning of the dance. Graceful dancer who appears in the circle of spectators. With short movements they begin their game. upon receipt design your rhythmic language transforms in odd time signatures. This rhythm corresponds to the essence of the dancer and the dance unfold. motives appear, be interrupted, redirected and reformed. then calm down the movements the dancer to but once again in an odd rhythm towards the end, rear up.”

“Rhythm Dance” was inspiring my 2nd CD’s name “Marimba Dance”. The disc and the score are available at

Rhythm Dance / Benjamin Wittiber

Example #1 / Bar 1-14