CD: Katarzyna Mycka - Marimba Present

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CD: Katarzyna Myćka - Marimba Present

SWR, Deutschlandfunk, Mons Records

4 Konzerte / Gesamtlaufzeit 70:17


Katarzyna Myćka – Marimba

Stuttgarter Kammerorchester

Matthias Kuhn – Dirigent

Gabor Boldoczki – Trompete


  • Eric Sammut (*1968) 
    „Sugaria“ Concerto for solo marimba,
    Percussion, string orchestra & double bass with amplifier
    1st movement / 2nd movement / 3rd movement

  • Anna Ignatowicz–Glińska (*1968)
    Concerto for marimba, trumpet and strings 
    1st Andantino sostenuto / 2nd Andantino
  • Emmanuel Séjourne (*1961)
    Concerto for marimba and strings
    1st Tempo souple / 2nd Rythmique, energique
  • Ney Rosauro (*1953) 
    Concerto No. 2 for marimba and string orchestra
    1st Water Running in High Mountains
    2nd Reflections and Dreams
    3rd Walking on Clouds

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