The Traveller - Marimba Solo

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The Traveller - Marimba Solo
5:00 Min. - 4 Schlägel

Wie der Titel "The Traveller" schon beschreibt war mir ein Reisender vor Augen. Das Stück umschreibt die Fahrt dieses Reisenden. Es erzählt den Verlauf der Reise in ein fernes fremdes unbekanntes Land. Im Verlauf des Stückes wird die Reise bewegter, neue Eindrücke beleben das Bild.
The Traveller ist auf einer C Marimba spielbar.

Titelzeichnung: Jürgen Wittiber

ISMN: 979-0-700287-06-1
GTIN: 4260529687137

Percussive Notes 04.2005
This four-mallet marimba solo is written for a five-octave instrument. The composer takes us through a journey of idioms that describe the styles of different cultures. The opening theme is in duple meter and consists of a series of arpeggios and mallet rotations. The initial theme is followed by similar patterns, but now in a more frantic manner, with the right and left hand echoed by playing all sixteenth notes. The middle section contains rhythmic figures and patterns that are found in many Latinjazz recordings. The work closes with a coda in 6/16 meter, ending on an a-minor chord. The solo is predictable through the use of motives that are repeated with slight pitch or harmonic variations. This is an excellent solo and is within the level of an advanced high school or young college student. George Frock