Phalaenopsis - Vibrafon & Marimba Duo

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Phalaenopsis - Vibrafon & Marimba Duo
7:00 Min. - 4 Schlägel

Der Marimbapart erfordert eine C-Marimba.

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Percussive Notes 02.2009
This duo for vibraphone and marimba is by Benjamin Wittiber, a long-time jazz musician in Europe. The title refers to a species of orchid that looks like a tropical moth. Even though the composer has a jazz background, the piece does not necessarily sound "jazzy." There are no improvised solos, and both four-mallet parts work together as a duet with very little accompanying taking place. The tempo of 100 bpm keeps the feel relaxed and does not require intense technique. A 5.0-octave instrument is required to perform the marimba part. The strokes involved on both instruments are primarily double vertical, single independent and double lateral. The double laterals are at octaves and in unison. At 7:00 minutes long, it is an enjoyable addition to the marimba/vibraphone duo repertoire. Julia Gaines