CD: Katarzyna Mycka - Marimba Spiritual

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CD: Katarzyna Myćka - Marimba Spiritual
Audite Schallplatten 1997
17 Stücke / Gesamtlaufzeit: 01:14:52

  • Ney Rosauro / Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble
  • Matthias Schmitt / Ghanaia
  • Keiko Abe / Dream of the Cherry Blossoms /
    Variations on japanese children's songs
  • David Maslanka / My Lady White
  • Markus Halt / Marimbasonic
  • Eckhard Kopetzki / Etüde Hommage II
  • Siegfried Fink / Etudes de Lux
  • Rich O’Meara / Restless
  • Anders Koppel / P. S. for marimba solo
  • Paul Smadbeck / Etude Nr. 1
  • Minoru Miki / Marimba Spiritual

Percussion: Ineke Wulf / Franz Bach / Klaus Dreher /
Thomas C. Keltsch / Biao Li
Friedrich Mauermann

Aufgenommen Februar 1997 in Villa Berg Stuttgart SWR

PERCUSSIVE NOTES Vol. 36, No. 3 • June 1998

Marimba Spiritual Katarzyna Mycka Schallplatten Friedrich Mauermann Polish marimbist Katarzyna Mycka has performed a CD of extreme interest from both a musical and compositional standpoint. Her performing is of the highest caliber and the compositions performed represent some of the best marimba music written. The compositions are: “Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble” by Ney Rosauro; “Ghanaia” by Matthias Schmitt; “Variations on Japanese Children’s Songs” and “Dream of the Cherry Blossoms” by Keiko Abe; “My Lady White” by David Maslanka; “Marimbasonic” by Markus Holt; “Etude Hommage 11” by Eckhard Kopetzki; “Etudes de Lux” by Siegfried Fink; “Restless” by Rich O’Meara; “P.S. for marimba solo” by Andres Koppel; “Etude Nr. 1” by Paul Smadbeck; and “Marimba Spiritual” by Minoru Miki. Mycka is fast becoming a recognized force on the marimba. Her stellar performance at PASIC ’97 and this CD attest to her skill and musicality. All the compositions are well performed and recorded, making this a must for marimba aficionados. - John Beck