Rhythm Dance - Marimba Solo

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Rhythm Dance - for marimba solo
Dedicated to Katarzyna Mycka
5:00 min. - 4 mallets

Rhythm Dance was composed for an e-marimba, or C-marimba.
Alternative proposals for the F-marimba version will be the central issue.

When composing Rhythm Dance I had the image of an oriental dancer with a tambourine in mind, the shape could come from a tale from the Thousand and One Nights. "The introduction tells the beginning of the dance. Graceful dancer who appears in the circle of spectators. With short movements they begin their game. upon receipt design your rhythmic language transforms in odd time signatures. This rhythm corresponds to the essence of the dancer and the dance unfold. motives appear, be interrupted, redirected and reformed. then calm down the movements the dancer to but once again in an odd rhythm towards the end, rear up.

© 1998 by Benjamin Wittiber

Drawing Title: Sabine-Juliane Roth

ISMN: 979-0-700287-00-9
GTIN: 4260529687038

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Percussion Creativ Newsletter / 02.00

Dieses Stück bewegt sich im orientalischen Raum. Der Komponist hatte das Bild einer orientalischen Tänzerin mit Tambourin vor Augen, die sich durch verschiedene Taktmetren tanzt. Der Anfang steht noch im 4/4-Takt als 16-tel Motiv im Paradiddle Handsatz. Als besonderen Effekt baut sich ein Crescendo über der Schnur der Platte gespielt auf. Danach geht es in einen 7-er Takt der durch 9-er und 3-er Takte unterbrochen wird über. Das Stück wurde der Marimbaspielerin Katarzyna Mycka https://www.marimbasolo.com/ gewidmet, welches auf deren aktueller CD "Marimba Dance" https://www.audite.de/ auch zu hören ist.

Percussive Notes Vol. 38, No. 3, June 2000

This five-minute marimba solo is dedicated to Katarzyna Mycka and can be heard on Mychka`s CD Marimba Dance. Although the piece is written for a low-E marimba, there is only one low E required ; therefore, if no low-E instruments is available, a low-F marimba would work, and the one low E could be taken up an octave. "Rhythm Dance" is written at quarter note = 112. The sixteenth note remains the same as the meter goes through several time signatures including 4/4, 7/16, 3/16, 9/16, 3/8, 5/16, 4/16, and 8/16. A good command of four mallets is required for a performance, but there are no rolls. There is not a great deal of mallet independence in terms of fast scales lines; the independence comes more in a hand-to-hand style (e.g., RLRRLRLL, etc.). The dynamic contrast between hands is an important feature of the works, as are dynamics in general. The music is written in an idiomatic style and produces a good sound from the marimba. "Rhythn Dance" requires a mature performer, but is accessible to a wide range of abilities. John Beck