Mallet Practice Pad ® 3.0 / 4.3 / 5.0

For the ideal practice before exams, presentations and concerts. Have you also been in the situation where you couldn't practice on your marimba, vibraphone or xylophone just before your concert? Has your instrument either been on stage already or was still being transported to get there? This is where the Mallet Practice Pad comes in! With the Mallet Practice Pad you have the opportunity to rehearsal whenever you want, being at home or while travelling. As it can be rolled up easily, it is space- saving and can be conveniently transported. At any time of day or night! On a table, on the floor or on your bed- as soon as the Mallet Practice Pad is rolled out it is ready to go. With the Mallet Practice Pad you have the opportunity to play and practice your technique as with a real instrument, even though it doesn't produce any sounds. Wherever you go- you will always take it with you!

drums & percussion 4/2016

Test Kompakt

„ . . . bewimusic bringt nun eine praktische PVC-Matte auf den Markt, die es ermöglicht, überall zu üben. Das 142 x 50 cm messende Mallet-Practice-Pad kann man einfach ausrollen und (fast lautlos) loslegen . . . geeignet als kostengünstiger Einstieg in die Malletwelt. Für den Anfänger ist es mit drei Oktaven Tonumfang (c bis c’’’) ganz sicher ein hilfreiches Utensil . . . „ (Altfrid M. Sicking)

Den kompletten Testbericht gibt es in der Ausgabe 4/2016 von drums & percussion